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BBS vision is to be the most fealty, reputable and respectable Staffing Agency by providing our Clients the most confident, disciplined and efficient employees in their field as well as making an ongoing impact on our Candidates lives.

My name is Berta Amico, and I am a proud mother, veteran, and Texan. Having worked in an array of different industries, I have gained the skills necessary to form authentic relationships with those I work with. These skills, combined with this job, have not only enabled me to have a meaningful impact on the lives of my Clients, but have also brought a sense of self-fulfillment as I place individuals in the jobs they need to provide for their families.


As a minority, women, and veteran-owned staffing agency, we bring a unique perspective and set of values to the table. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us: Commitment to diversity and inclusion: We prioritize fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace by providing equal opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. Our agency is dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating a level playing field for all candidates and clients. Expertise and understanding: As a minority, women, and veteran-owned agency, we have firsthand experience in overcoming challenges and understanding the unique needs of these communities. We possess deep insight into the skills, talents, and potential of individuals from these groups, allowing us to match the most suitable candidates with your specific requirements. Access to untapped talent pools: Our extensive network and affiliations within minority, women, and veteran communities enable us to connect with highly skilled professionals who might be overlooked or underrepresented by traditional staffing agencies. By partnering with us, you can tap into these untapped talent pools and harness their potential for your organization’s success. Cultural competence: Understanding the nuances of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences is crucial for effective staffing and recruitment. Our agency’s diverse team is equipped with cultural competence, ensuring that we consider them unique.


Established in 2023.

A minority, women, and veteran-owned staffing agency is a company that specializes in providing job placement services to individuals from diverse backgrounds. The agency understands the unique challenges faced by minority, women, and veteran job seekers and aims to bridge the gap between them and potential employers. The history of a minority, women, and veteran-owned staffing agency can vary depending on the specific company. However, in general, our Agency emerged as a response to the underrepresentation and lack of opportunities for these groups in the workforce.

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What is the best part of working at the BBS?
Even though it was a Temporary job service, they provided quality work, exceptional pay, and major work experience.

I was and still am very happy with my experience with Better Business Staffing. Not only was I impressed by this agency, but the Owner was the one who was conducting my interview and onboarded me. She made me feel very comfortable with my interview and she was able to help me to find a job which I’m very excited about. I would refer BBS to anyone who was looking for a job.

I am very pleased with the professionalism shown by Better Business Staffing. They call with good or bad news. She keeps you always informed. She doesn’t mind taking time out of her busy day to return a call. I appreciate the opportunity to work for her Staffing Agency. Berta took the time to assist me with a Resume in which I have never had. She guided me step by step and made several recommendations while assisting me.

 I have nothing but good things to say about Better Business Staffing. I feel that they have my interest at heart and are very willing to assist me in finding the right job for me. Berta spent extra time once I was selected for the interview with her client to go over specific interview questions and answers. She is so caring and is very passionate about her beliefs and business.

Working for Better Business Staffing was the best. Berta Amico is the Owner and made my transition of finding employment the greatest experience ever. I was able to place my foot in the foreclosure industry, gaining experience in that field, and because of that I was able to land a position at a great firm.


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