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What services does BBS offer?

There are three common ways for companies to hire for a new position or fill a vacant one when working with Better Business Staffing:

Better Business Staffing offers its own set of advantages, and determining the most suitable option for your business depends on your unique needs at the time. An advantage of partnering with Better Business Staffing lies in their experience and knowledge, which are instrumental in helping you identify the optimal solution tailored to your specific situation.

Why Use Better Business Staffing?

Determining whether to enlist professional recruiting services for your business involves considering various factors, including your preferences, urgency, budget, hiring needs, and in-house capabilities, among others.

Upon careful consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting agencies, many companies find that outsourcing staffing services emerges as the most strategic and cost-effective choice. This decision may be influenced by factors such as a lack of resources for in-house recruiting or a belief that the benefits offered by a recruiting firm outweigh the advantages of handling the process independently.

To further assist you in evaluating whether this is the right hiring path for your business, let’s delve into additional benefits offered by staffing agencies. 

Benefits of Working with Better Business Staffing to Hire Top Talent

Recruiting experience and expertise

Professionals at Better Business Staffing are likely to possess extensive experience collaborating with clients of diverse sizes across various industries. Through interactions with a broad spectrum of clients and candidates, they have acquired valuable insights that can aid you in recognizing and attaining your strategic workforce objectives.

Cost savings

Recruitment stands out as one of the most significant expenses in business operations. Better Business Staffing utilizes streamlined processes that facilitate quicker hiring, ultimately reducing your time to fill positions and consequently lowering vacancy costs. Furthermore, professional headhunters boast extensive talent pools cultivated over years, alleviating the need to allocate significant portions of your budget for advertising openings through channels like paid advertising.

Recruiting experience and expertise

Working with Better Business Staffing can help you grow your workforce quickly when needed. This can be useful in instances like:

Assistance in shaping your hiring strategy

If you find the decision-making process challenging, whether it’s choosing between a contract-to-hire or direct-hire candidate, or project work determining the necessary team expansion for the upcoming year to meet your workforce growth goals or identifying the essential skills and personality traits for a specific role, Better Business Staffing can be a valuable resource in shaping your future hiring strategy.

Expanded pool of qualified candidates

One of the standout advantages of staffing agencies lies in their access to a vast and continuously expanding pool of candidates. A reputable Staffing Agency draws in top-tier talent, as recruiters consistently strive to broaden their professional networks. It’s not uncommon for us to source and screen hundreds of candidates’ resumes for a single job opening, ensuring a meticulous search for the ideal fit. In contrast, a job posted by an in-house recruiting team may not attract nearly the same volume of applications.

Ensuring confidentiality for roles that require discretion

Occasionally, it may not be advantageous to widely publicize a job opening. When dealing with sensitive positions, Better Business Staffing can provide a level of discretion, ensuring confidentiality throughout the hiring process.

Hiring U.S. Veterans is our

We prioritize hiring Veterans. We take pride in serving those who served our country. With a commitment to our duty to the nation, we proudly recruit and screen U.S. Veterans.  They have served this country honorably.

Accelerated hiring process leading to swift candidate placement

A proficient Staffing Agency can accelerate the onboarding process, getting talent up and running swiftly through an efficient hiring procedure. At Better Business Staffing, our aim is to present fully screened and qualified candidates for non-leadership roles within a mere 24 hours. This optimized hiring process not only expedites candidate placement but also shortens the onboarding timeline. Consequently, your new hire can swiftly contribute value to your business.

Minimized risk of turnover for
new hires

New hire turnover can be a costly affair, considering the hidden expenses associated with a vacant position, including the time and resources required for hiring and training. If a new employee doesn’t work out, the process must be repeated with their replacement. Better Business Staffing boasts a highly successful track record, stepping in to assist you in placing the best candidates in the right roles from the outset. This proactive approach enhances retention rates and ultimately reduces turnover costs.

Liberated time

Investing significant hours in tasks like posting job openings, sourcing candidates, and screening resumes can divert your time and energy from other crucial day-to-day responsibilities. One key advantage of our Staffing Agency is the management of most front-end recruiting processes, enabling in-house employees to concentrate on higher-return ventures for your business.

Delegated administrative tasks

Determining the right candidate to hire is undeniably crucial in staffing, and while it’s a task you could handle independently if it were the sole aspect, the reality is that recruiting involves numerous tedious administrative duties that make large-scale hiring impractical. Better Business Staffing can alleviate the burden of time-consuming tasks such as screening applicants, scheduling interviews, checking references, conducting background checks and drug screening. We also provide Worker’s Comp Insurance during their temp service to you.  This allows you to focus more of your time on engaging with finalists and efficiently managing your business.